Internet Explorer 7 Sucks

What ever happen to a browser behaving like it’s supposed to?

Don’t you hate it when your Internet Options are configured as:


And when you start IE7, you’re presented with this:


As you can clearly see, the stupid-ass Windows page IS NOT my Home page, as it has been previously instructed so in the top screenshot.  I know it works sometimes because I will click the Home page icon and go to my Personalized Google page!

Come on Microsoft, this is your 7th attempt at making a internet browser that doesn’t suck.   I guess this is one of MANY reasons why you’ve single-handedly driven users to alternatives.

5 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 7 Sucks

  1. I’m not looking for speed. I’m looking for a browser that works, and an Apple (beta) product just won’t cut it. Sorry, but Apple is not going to work for me. I mean, just look at iTunes … look at all the garbage it installs.

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