My Thoughts by Ervin Shlopnick – A Father & Son

I had my last child later in life. I was nearly 40 when he was born and I am 48 today. I still enjoy doing all the things a father does with his son… Teaching him to ride a bike, going fishing, playing baseball, and skipping rocks. At times I wish I’d had him earlier in life, so my stamina would be more apt to keep up with him. But, I do the best that I can… When he is a senior in high school, I’ll be 59. I’m not sure if I will be able to keep up at all then… But he will be 18, and can legally view porn…. And that is something we can do sitting down.h73FF8FDB

My Thoughts by Ervin Shlopnick – 3D Movies

 3d tigerA friend of mine asked why there weren’t any 3D XXX theaters.

After giving it some thought, I remembered that I used to go to XXX movie theaters and sit in the back row. After the movie had been playing a while, I’d throw Jergens hand lotion at the people in front of me…. That is sort of like 3D I guess…. And probably why they don’t have 3D XXX theaters.

Mr Positive – 9/24/2010

Mr Positive says… “Rocks are harder than feathers because rocks are made from a rock like substance, where feathers are made from stuff that can make you fly. If I had to kill a cyclopes who has a runny nose and no pants… I’d go with the rock as my weapon of choice…… But would keep some feathers handy in case I had to fall back, fly away and fight another day”.