Farewell to Hot Lard

Shana stands quietly by her desk, wiping a tear from her eye she gathers her few belongings together and takes one last look around the office. The midgets, once stars of the epic Hot Lard porn movies now face an uncertain future, but are comforted by the fact that along with Shana, they have been booked for the christmas pantomime season, though they’re not sure what their roles will be…

Leaving a note for Ervin, wishing him all the best in his world domination plans, Shana leaves the building.

Sorry for the lack of Posts….

I want to apologized for the lack of posts recently. I have some perfectly reasonable excuses on why I have not been posting….

I’ve been very busy taking my dog to raves…


and it is impossible for me to create posts until the drugs wear off.


Because everything just feels wrong in the universe until they do…


Plus my wife showed me her new outfit and I don’t think she was happy with my reaction…


This is a peanut…

kvwFBOTThe aliens have landed, but I’m not sure what they want from us….


I think my car is trying to eat me….


Or maybe I’m just crazy….





So while you wait for me to return…. Here is some Muppet porn to watch.  2DraDDw

I just lost another follower…

I lost another follower…  And it just kills me when that happens. I’m serious, it hurts me to my core.


What did I do wrong?

Was it something I said?

Was it something I didn’t say?

Is there anything I can do to win you back????

Sigh…. Like the old saying goes, “Once a love is truly lost, there is no winning it back. All one can do, is work twice as hard on the next love”.


I could just hunt them down and do something really despicable to them.


Yeah…. That’s a much better plan.