Hot Lard is keeping its celebrity endorsers.

With all this talk of corporate bail-outs and the letting go of celebrity endorsers; I wanted to take this moment to let all of our readers know that Hot Lard is going strong. We have not lowered ourselves to ask for a free handout from our government. Plus I’m happy to say that all of our celebrity endorsers will be staying with us. As a matter of a fact, here are a few of the new endorsements for Hot Lard you will be seeing in news papers and magazines in the next few months.











Hot Lard News Flash – GM hires Super Tard to replace Tiger Woods


It has been confirmed that famed super hero and adult diaper model, Super Tard has been hired by GM to replace Tiger Woods as its new celebrity endorser. Super Tard is best known for his work with turkey insemination and explosive bowel movements. Last year Super Tard wowed the world when he showed he was brave enough to spend the night at Michael Jackson’s house alone, with no pants.

GM would not disclose the terms of the deal, but it is widely know that Super Tard is quit fond of rubber balls, a warm glass of spittle and shiny things.

A GM spokes person had this to say about the signing of Super Tard.

“Super Tard is a shining example of what’s good about this country and he reflects well on the quality of GM vehicles.  We are excited to have Super Tard as a spokes person for GM and believe his disabilities and uncontrollable urges to grab other people’s private parts will speak volumes about the product and this company”.

When asked, this is what Super Tard had to say about his new position.

“I gotta go make poopy”.

Good Luck to GM and Super Tard on this new venture.

Super Tard Update – I…………. Am Your Father!

The father of Super Tard  has been found!

This photo shows Super Tard Sr cruising for chicks behind the local Slurp N Save in Scurvy Hills Utah.

When asked about his famous son he said…

“Pull my finger and lick my balls”.

Good luck sir and keep up the good work!

We asked Super Tard to comment on the discovery of his father, To which he gave the following statement…

“I like bananas…. I go make poopy”.

He then flew off and urinated on some small children walking a poodle.


It has waited an eternity with baited breath…..

Looking for the right moment…..

To show the world the symbol of true terror…

It’s time for a beloved super hero to face his greatest challenge….

No amount of training…

No amount of skill…

No amount of drool…

Can prepare him for the terror that lies ahead.

Hot Lard Studios is proud to present…

The battle begins Fall 2007

This time, the poo will fly… really it will fly… these guys have flying poo… and they like to thow it too. Like those stupid-ass spider monkeys you love to hit with bricks. God I hate those little fucking things!! But you will love this movie … even with all the spider monkey flying poo.