Mr Positive – 10/10/2013

thumbs-up-low-resMr. Positive says…..

Sexual harassment in the work place is a very serious matter that needs to be addressed by all.

Nothing can interrupt the flow of business more than an individual  seeing their co-worker as a conquest rather than a colleague.

Unless of course you are a veterinarian. I don’t really think there are any harassment laws against that. Plus if you have to sink to that level to get laid, you are probably never going to score with a human.

Unless………… You also work as a mortician on the side.

Editor’s Note

I just touched on Sexual Harassment, Bestiality, & Necrophilia in one post…. DAMN I’M GOOD!!!!!

Mr. Positive – 10/3/2013

thumbs-up-low-resMr. Positive says….

To want something does not mean you need it.

An item you “want” is something that would be nice to have, but could never be considered a necessity.

Where something you “need” could be the difference between success and failure.

So the next time I tell you that I “NEED” a drink at 10:30 am. Don’t just sit on your ass and look at me. Get the fuck up and pour it!!!

Mr. Positive – 9/8/2013

Mr Positive says…

thumbs-up-low-resIn today’s work environment it takes a strong willed individual to lead their team. In good times and bad, that individual needs to be the rock their team can come to for good advice and a steady hand.

When it is time for you to be that leader, you need to look deep inside yourself to discover the things that make you who you are. What makes you tick? Why you do what you do? You need to learn the real you.  

Then it would probably be a good idea to turn yourself into the authorities for what you learned. You’re a pretty mess up individual and we would all probably be much safer if you were behind bars.   

Mr. Positive – 09/05/2013

thumbs-up-low-resMr. Positive says….

Businesses today put too much trust in a person’s education and too little trust in the person themselves.

Someone with a good work ethic and street smarts is a much better employee than someone with tons of book smarts.

Just look at me, I never learned how to read or write and I turned out just fine……

Wait a minute….. If I cannot read or write, that means….. efk;jef vajern;a aken sa/fkv vcvmsdlm 43$#%@%$ fksmgs