Hot Lard Readers Map

This is the Hot Lard Readers Map. It shows the general location of some of our wonderful readers. Below the map you will find a link to their perspective blogs. Please take some time to check them out.

If you would like to be added to the map, just leave a comment giving us your general location. You don’t have to be very exact, a country, city, or state will suffice. Besides, we’ll find your exact location soon enough with our Super Secrete Hot Lard Death Ray Satellite. BUH WAH  HAH HAH HAH (That’s my evil laugh)

Click on the map to enlarge

readers map 10_9_2013


Elizabeth Melton Parsons


Buffalo Tom Peabody

Cat9984 – Adventures in Cheeseland: Working in a Big Box

The not really news blog

Network Rae

Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade

14 thoughts on “Hot Lard Readers Map

    • Shana… (Place Darth Vader breathing sound effect here)
      Come to the dark side….. Give me your location and we shall rule the universe together!!!
      Obi Wan never told you what happened to your father…….
      I… (Spoiler Alert)
      I AM YOUR FATHER!!!!

    • Yah, Yah, Yah, you can have a cookie… just don’t tell your mother.
      Now take off the damn hat and reveal the location of the rebel base…. (storms out of room to recharge his asthma helmet.)

      (Crushes the room around him with the force)

      Next shot we see Vader standing on the bridge of his ship looking out at an unfinished Death Star…. Then turns on the space windshield wipers, only to find it was just a big space bug’s guts splatter on the windshield….. He then looks out into the darkness to a realization that he is alone….. so very alone.

      fade to black


    • Thanks!!! I’ll get you added when I do another post.
      Don’t worry about it being to dark….. The Hot Lard Death Ray Satellite will light up the sky nice and bright for you….

      Thank you for the witty banter back and forth, that was really fun…. and exhausting, I need a nap.

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