Installing iTunes

You tell me what is wrong with this picture, as I fail to see how the two applications are remotely connected:


Is there some fancy feature where I can listen to my MP3s using Outlook 2003 that I am not aware of?

Sure, go ahead and blast me for not realizing that I could sync my Outlook calendar to my iPod.  Oh wait, maybe I should buy an iPod.  And, if I had one maybe I would have it connected via USB that would actually force the error you see above.

Better yet, why the fuck does Apple insist on installing iTunesHelper.exe and iPodService.exe when I have NEVER connected an iPod to my computer?

Apple, if you’re listening (and I know Steve Jobs is a huge fan of Hot Lard) … where are the options in the iTunesSetup.exe where I can deselect iPod connectivity?  I simply cannot spare any more resources of my 3.49 GB of RAM to allow you to install two services that never actually are used.

God, I hate the way Apple is cranking out their shitty iTunes software.  It is about high-time I uninstall this garbage.  See Maddox for more information.

2 thoughts on “Installing iTunes

  1. Mac fans are like jehovah’s witnesses they try and convert everyone. I for one wont own a computer that requires me to worship it.

    Dr. Tadjur

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