(Midget Porn) Hot Lard Mad Lib Volume #9 (Midget Porn)

Hey kids!

It’s time for another happy happy joy joy Hot Lard Mad Lib. This is where we take all the search terms you snuggle muffins use to find our web site of rainbow kisses and ice cream sprinkle rain showers.  So as you rascals read along, you may find a word you used to look for that picture of two retarded midgets trying to have sex with a turtle. Or that site that shows somebody’s grandmother riding a horse… Or should we say, the horse is riding her.

So remember my group of monkey humpers, you wrote this.


Midget Porn and the Herpes princess

In the evening, Midget Porn likes to show his children demotivational posters of gay rape and large volume ejaculation on retarded midgets before they go to sleep. His littlest girl, Fat Thong asked if he knew any gay pirate porn stories he could tell. Midget Porn did not know of any, but he did know a good black hairy porn story he would tell her.

Once upon a time…

There was a fat girl with no teeth who liked to puke piss on hot girls butt cracks to get them to eat shit and slurp cum from a gay mans ass with a straw. She did this because she was unhappy with the fat ass whore that was ruling the land. She was an evil crack whore that liked camaro mullets, fat humor, and gay rape.

The only hope to free the kingdom was the brave and noble, Super Tard and his trusty sidekick man boobs. Together these two could ass rape any drunk babysitter that tried to anal probe hot gay naked emo boys and naked retards with their molester moustache. But first they had to stop anal leakage from destroying the midgets fucking festival of the shit pants tribe of the piss fucker people.

So the two heroes’s jumped on their fat ass hotties and masturbated all the way to the forbidden land of red neck boobs to find volunteers for the “blow job” party of the lard ass clan. It was there they met prince Shut the fuck up and his anal girls of the bikini crack round table. They were asked if they would join Midget Porn and Man Boobs in their quest for rick astley hot ass and sex initiation into gangs. They agreed and so the fat woman sucks balls brigade was born!

They rode through all the villages to wipe out fat people in public and gay midget porn that had plagued them. Before long you could not find any overweight woman trying to get raped while drunk or pissed on by ugly fat people with anal bottles and rednecks who like anal. They made the evil doers puke cum on fat dudes in leotards, this way they would always have to show the mark of cum teeth justice.

The evil queen was not happy and fist fucked retarded swimsuit models with strawberry shortcake and bad teeth. The people cried out, “When will the girl without bra take her glass full of piss and face paint the fat nigerian hotties”? All hope appeared to be lost… Until can i has cheezburger showed up with fat american whore and butt sex to do battle with the queen for the right to anal rape Rainbow Bright.

The battle was long a brutal; so much fat porn and batman sex was lost. But in the end the retard sniffing a dogs butt would prevail. And all the gay midgets cheered. The double D Chinese hooker had been saved and gay astronaut anal sex would once again rule the land.

The shit, fuck, piss, End

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10 thoughts on “(Midget Porn) Hot Lard Mad Lib Volume #9 (Midget Porn)

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  2. you guys are mos def getting a book deal sooner or later. but then of course you would inject the world of books with your unique brand of venom and the world would explode.

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