Hot Lard Flashback – Mad Lib #9


c517ljpgBack in Hot Lards prime, we used to get some really sick and demented search terms used to find our happy little place in the sun. I would then take those search terms and make a Mad Lib post to show the true level of evil that lived out there on the Interweb. The series became very popular and brought even more filth and disease to the site. But I think volume 9 of the series was the one that really nailed it. This was the one that was so depraved and so shocking, that a defibrillator was kept near by whenever anyone read it. Even some of our more hardcore followers were left speechless and in awe, as you will see in the comments left for the post.

So before you click the link to read this happy tail of midget porn, regurgitation, and bodily fluids. Remember… I did not write it.  You (Our wonderful readers) did.


Click here to view Mad Lib #9

2 thoughts on “Hot Lard Flashback – Mad Lib #9

    • Yes, I believe I died a little bit inside the first time I read the list… So I figured I’d share my pain with the rest of you.

      FYI…. they’ve gotten wise to the rat traps…. I’m now using weapons of mass destruction.

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