Video of Hillary Duff Flashing People at a Party

Official Hot Lard 60,000 + Hit Post

Below is the exclusive video showing Hillary Duff flashing someone with a video camera at a party.

“Warning” Full Frontal nudity.

The video is on a loop and will start any moment.

If the video does not automatically start in 30 to 60 seconds Click Here for another link.

If you would like to see a topless photo of Amanda Bynes, click here.

39 thoughts on “Video of Hillary Duff Flashing People at a Party

  1. Maybe you don’t have your bandwidth dialed up to the correct modulation. Try adding more fiber to your cereal input and see if that may help.

    Hot Lard
    Technical Support

  2. (SIGH)

    What an ass. Shit like this shouldn’t even be posted. Why? Because goobers like that one shot-head up there are going to be actually DISAPPOINTED that there’s no video.

    Why be an ass, Hot Lard? You’re the fucking fool who posted the shit … expect dumb-ass motherfuckers like “bob” to post ridiculous comments like he did.

  3. Star Child is just disappointed about the video thing 🙂

    I still love you.

    (in a non-prison, far away with barbed wire and 100km of no-man’s land with mines between us kind of way)

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  5. that pic of hillary is so fake!!…i already saw the original one and id say its a good photosho there…quit posting fakes, dumbass!!

  6. Ervin Sholpnick <—– The Faggot fairy who lives in is mums basement

    The man(women) gets kicks out of posting childish things like this so he can sit back and laugh at how fail he is.

    Here have 5 stars for posting something i dont care about, wait ill give you a medal, a trophy and a trophy cabinet to put it in. Then wait for your stupid boring posts back here about how apparently awesome you are.

    "quit posting fakes, dumbass!!" Kudos to you pete

    I also take my hat off to you sir. You can use photoshop like every other person out there in the world who also photoshops cocks to your forehead.

    Why must you post fucked up fake bullshit like this? to read our comments. lolololol wow thats fucked up something bad, the poor man even comments on our comments of how disappointed we are, lol. Well sir fuckface ill tell you this. I DONT GIVE A FUCK, NEITHER DOES ANYONE ELSE. WE ARE HAPPY LITTLE INTERNET TROLLS.

    I dont care about you, what you do and how you were mistakenly brought into this world.

    PS – Go die in a pit of fire

  7. Dear Pedo Bear… errrrrrrr I mean Erwin

    Sorry I could not satisfy your pedo urge to view a former child stars naughty regions. It must have been aweful for you to be setting in your bedroom (Of your mothers house) with your grandmas panties on your head and your body slathered with olive oil and grape jelly. Only to find you would not be masturbating this day to images of Lizzy McGuire. But you have to admit, you did get a semi chubby from the belly video we provided.

    I’m sorry to hear you will be taking us off your child rape trolling list. We’ll try to do better next time.

    Ervin Shlopnick

    Managing director of pretty things not Pedo things.

  8. “Then wait for your stupid boring posts back here about how apparently awesome you are.”

    Oops, i see it took you 2 days to reply to my message. Did you fap to much over the comments on this page and need some time out? Doesn’t surprise me quite frankly. I would expect that from a guy (girl?) who has the time to waste over posting boring fake shit on the nets.

    Im sorry who is this Lizzy McGuire you speak of? Is it Hillary Duff by any chance. Because FUCK you are deep into this shit my man. Any more rabbits in that hat(filing cabinet) of yours? (expects a movie).

    I sadly have to quote you.
    “Only to find you would not be masturbating this day to images of Lizzy McGuire.”
    Could i have expected anything different from you?

    Quoted again – Sigh
    “I’m sorry to hear you will be taking us off your child rape trolling list.”

    Hilary Duff a child? Its the first iv ever heard of this. Or am i mistaken for one of your perverted fantasies? Please stop referring to Hilary as a child, it scares me further and further. Considering i only said “childish” which had no reference to Hilary what so ever. So just stop with the child thing. I don’t want to know whats going through your mind all day every day. Thanks.

    Gee, is this seriously fucking 2 years old and still you come back here to comment on comments? FAAARK get a life, stop paying for this domain and reformat your pc. Get rid of those pictures, stop photo-shopping. Your quality of life will improve tenfold.


  9. Dear Erwin,

    The reason it takes me some time to comment is that I have something you will never aspire to obtain… A job. Yes, you see most of us can’t depend on our mommies and daddies allowing us to live rent free in our childhood rooms (Like you do) and support us way into our 30’s and 40’s. I’d love to respond to your incoherent rants as soon as possible, but I have to keep my Barn-Yard porn empire up and running. Do you know what it takes to keep an Donkey aroused for three scenes??? Golly let me tell you.. it’s a lot.

    I’d like to comment on the rest of your gibberish… But I really don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. I’d like to suggest that when you are typing you only allow one of the voices in your head to dictate.

    Speaking of Illinois, I am really happy to see that you have come back to our little piece heaven here. Maybe next time you stop by I can put in a chicken and we can talk about your time at the asylum. I’m sure you have a lot of interesting stories of frontal lobotomies and prison rape.

    Till then I’ll leave a candle lit for you and pray that the day our paths cross you’ll be in a straight jacket.

    I promise I’ll see your face in every toilet bowl filled with cream corn and soccer fan vomit.


    Your BFF

  10. Whoever comments below this was allowed the nets in prison while being anally penetrated with some 300 pound fat guys fist.

    • I’ll cut to the chase, you are a descendant of Hitler.

      There, I win this internet argument.


      Count of Flanders
      Managing Director of International Beatdowns, Asia-Pacific Office

  11. Failed troll is fail.

    Whoever posts right above this makes sweet love to John Tesh while listening to Ricky Martin albums in the tub.


    Will you go to the Pumpkin Festival Dance with me?

  12. Flanders is in the Asia Office?????

    I was wonder where the hell he went.

    Hey Flanders, while you are over there see if you can find those 19 year old Siamese twins that can fire silverware across the room with their naughty parts…. I still cannot find my pocket knife and I think they may have it. Just make sure you wash it off this time before you take it on the plane. The last time you set off all the chemical alarms and I’ll be damned if I’m going to bail you out of jail again.


    Managing director of sticky things

  13. How was that fist flanders? nice!

    Now that i am a descendant of Hitler i think ill invade the fuck out of your insignificunt little country. Order your family onto trains and send them off to hell. Gas the ones i don’t like then burn their corps in a mass grave. Stick you and your children in detention camps, then march you 500 miles to your own firey death.

    That should whipe you and all your descendants from the face of the earth.

    Agreed, you win. Dont you think?

    @ Tankard o’fale hahaha
    You clearly do not know what a troll is or what they set out to achieve.

    The second i got a response i instantly succeeded and oh boy was it a great victory.
    I have done everything but fail. I doused the fuck out of this stupid post in every kind of flammable liquid known to man kind. I waited 2 days hahaha 2 days and prehistoric post was revived and it was all thanks to Ervin.
    Cheers bra. I owe you a beer(full of poison).

    I know you noobs will have read that 😀 i ❤ u all

    PS – Google troll. You may realise that you don't have to be so serious all the time.

  14. I guess the good thing is she still has a cute face… just saying since I am a Mom of over twenty five year olds who probably from time to time act up at parties, too bad that people don’t just have fun and let this go.

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