Farewell to Hot Lard

Shana stands quietly by her desk, wiping a tear from her eye she gathers her few belongings together and takes one last look around the office. The midgets, once stars of the epic Hot Lard porn movies now face an uncertain future, but are comforted by the fact that along with Shana, they have been booked for the christmas pantomime season, though they’re not sure what their roles will be…

Leaving a note for Ervin, wishing him all the best in his world domination plans, Shana leaves the building.

Exclusive Offer for Hot Lard readers only!

As a crochet designer with impeccable taste, I feel it is only fair to offer my services to Ervin’s loyal readers, these are the designs on offer, proceeds from sales will go to the Hot Lard film fund once I’ve taken my 98% cut, that seems about fair to me.

Vintage Lard

Just trying to introduce a bit of culture…and a gratuitous pic of a man’s ass…