Observations – 10/11/2013

Here are a few of my Observations going into the weekend.

I really hate it when they put out S.N.M.G.F.I.E.H.P decorations this far ahead of S.N.M.G.F.I.E.H.P.


This is a sign of a summer well spent.


This car is so gay, it can’t even park straight in the driveway.


Since when are your eyes on the top of your fucking head?


Right now you are all looking at the hat with eyes…. But I want to point out his unzipped pants and partially exposed crotch…. You looked didn’t you? I bet you really hate me for that.  dUnI7jh

I truly love the arts…


How I feel when a cute girl smiles at me…


What I imaging I actually look like when a cute girl smiles at me.


I wonder if news casters get nervous? zNSnM1G

For some reason. I’m in the mood to listen to Pink Floyd….


Fuck You Kuala Bear…

You need to click on the gif to see it


I actually prefer the alternate ending to The Lion King.


I was asked if I knew “The Walking Dead” started this weekend…


2 thoughts on “Observations – 10/11/2013

  1. As for the “fag bug” in front of the rainbow house, isn’t that the house across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church? I friggin love that they painted it like that, most awesome gay people ever and I would like to send them a fruit basket *No pun intended, okay, maybe a little intended.

    OMG. Time for S.N.M.G.F.I.E.H.P already? I didn’t even start my damn S.N.M.G.F.I.E.H.P shopping

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