Observations – 10/11/2013

Here are a few of my Observations going into the weekend.

I really hate it when they put out S.N.M.G.F.I.E.H.P decorations this far ahead of S.N.M.G.F.I.E.H.P.


This is a sign of a summer well spent.


This car is so gay, it can’t even park straight in the driveway.


Since when are your eyes on the top of your fucking head?


Right now you are all looking at the hat with eyes…. But I want to point out his unzipped pants and partially exposed crotch…. You looked didn’t you? I bet you really hate me for that.  dUnI7jh

I truly love the arts…


How I feel when a cute girl smiles at me…


What I imaging I actually look like when a cute girl smiles at me.


I wonder if news casters get nervous? zNSnM1G

For some reason. I’m in the mood to listen to Pink Floyd….


Fuck You Kuala Bear…

You need to click on the gif to see it


I actually prefer the alternate ending to The Lion King.


I was asked if I knew “The Walking Dead” started this weekend…


(Midget Porn) Hot Lard Mad Lib #11 (Midget Porn)

Announcer: OK Kids, grab a seat and put on your happy fun – fun hats, because it’s time for the Uncle Ervin show!!!

Kids in the audience: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAH!!!!!

Announcer: The Uncle Ervin show, brought to you by the makers of “Heroin Gum”. Why shoot it when you can chew it? And Gary’s house of Latex and Ball Gags; Gifts that show that special someone, you are the master. Now get on your knees and bark like a dog.


Uncle Ervin

Kids in audience: YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!

Uncle Ervin: Hey Kids!!!

 Kid in audience: HEY UNCLE ERVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uncle Ervin: Golly gee whiz, I hope you are all ready for a really super good show today. We have all sorts of really fun and exciting things to do. Today we have Dr. Rustytools, the back alley gynecologist. He is here to give free exams to all you boys and girls in that dark windowless room at the back of the studio. We also have Zoo Keeper Willy here to show us the mating habits of Northeastern Pigmy Wombat. He’ll also show you how to push your mean older brother into the bear pit and make it look like an accident.


Uncle Ervin: It’s also career day at the Uncle Ervin show. We have Sparkles, the one legged hooker that hangs out by the dumpster in the alley behind the Slurp N’ Puke convenience store. She will be showing you young career minded ladies how to avoid STDs. We also h….

Lights start flashing: BONG, BONG, BONG, BONG, WHOOP, WHOOP, WHOOP.

Uncle Ervin: Uh Oh….. You know what that means???

Kids in audience: Unwanted rectal exam time!!!!!!

Uncle Ervin: NO!!!! You little bastards promised to never talk about that………….   It’s time for a Hot Lard Mad Lib.


Uncle Ervin: Yes, a Hot Lard mad lib. Where we tell a happy story of love, puppies, and ice cream rain storms, using the search terms you little monkey spankers from our audience have used to find the Hot Lard web site.


Uncle Ervin: Billy, do you remember when you searched for two retarded midgets trying to hump a turtle?

Billy: Golly Uncle Ervin, I sure do!!!

Uncle Ervin: You had to do some hard time for that one, didn’t you?

Billy: I sure did! Got to shank me a few bitches while in the hole too!!!

Uncle Ervin: And Sally; how did your search for fat people wearing thongs turn out for you?

Sally: I’m still in therapy, Uncle Ervin.

Uncle Ervin: Huh, Huh, huh… I’m sure you are little Sally… I’m sure you are.

Announcer: OK, for those of you who do not know how this works. The bold words in the upcoming story are the search terms that you evil Internet dwellers have used to somehow find your way to Hot Lard. So as you read along, remember…. We did not write this… YOU DID!!!! And may God have mercy on your souls.

Midget Porn and the quest for lazy housewife sex



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The pamela anderson talks blowjobs End