Starting a new campaign to get more readers.

Believe it or not, I actually had one of the lard posters from the previous post and was working on it as part of my new campaign to get more readers to Hot Lard. (Shana you have good taste)

I just don’t feel that there are enough people out there that are experiencing the joy & horror that this happy little blog can force feed them. So it’s time I reach out and touch (Leaguelly this time) those who have not read the words of wisdom this prophet of the blogisphere has delivered. I need to awaken the sleeping and shout to the world that Hot Lard is here to stay, so you may as well get fucking used to it.

Below is my first campaign poster. Please take time to read it’s wisdom and then go forth and share it with the world….

I mean it, go forth and tell people about this shit…. No really go forth…. Dude, just get the fuck out of here!!!

read hot lard 2



What are you looking down here for??? I’m done writing

Vintage Lard

Just trying to introduce a bit of culture…and a gratuitous pic of a man’s ass…