Some “Observations” I have made while being really busy.

Still very busy at work. But wanted to bounce a few new observations off of you all. Hopefully I’ll be back to full time blogging in a few weeks.

Oh… and Butt… Fart… Crotch … There you go, it’s now an official Hot Lard post.


I wonder how the movie “The Shining” would have looked if it was filmed in a Target store?


I don’t think this box should be opened….. EVER!!!!


That is a really really long time to wait for your bags…


Fuck that…..


I really, Really, REALLY hate to open these!!!


I also hate when commercials over act how fucked we are without their product.  QvtS0DR

I often wonder what women dream about…xU0xXxs

I got physically hard when I saw this photos…. I can hardly wait for the sequel.


Daughter has a date tonight… Better start getting ready.


I think I’ll just stay in today….


I bet the clown was very relaxed and satisfied after she finished…


These two always show up early for Dog Poker Night.


Looks like there is a Coke deal going down…


Maybe wearing a coat on picture day was not such a good idea.


I miss my old CAD system…


Why are black people so against Fruit Ninja…


Sometimes I feel like this while climbing the corporate ladder.


It’s always good to keep your priorities straight….


Let’s play Cowboys & Indians… You can be the boobies….


I really hate it when news reporters show up when I’m moving….


I believe “The Life of Pi” would have looked like this, if it was filmed in 2D only.


Please, Please, Please, never drink and drive.


Sometimes, old school is better than nu skool…


If you are bored with the ghost I left you to play with in my last Observations…. Here is something else to keep you occupied for a few hours.


5 thoughts on “Some “Observations” I have made while being really busy.

    • Oh Stevie………………………………………………………………………… Sorry was just remembering the sex fantasies I had about her back in the 80’s….. Oh and thanks for the compliment too.

  1. I was trying to figure out what to complain about, but I can’t seem to find anything to make fun of you for. I believe you may have made the perfect post. You got cleavage, clown ejaculation, dogs playing poker, a drunk baby crash, and even a rape joke or two. You’ve covered all your bases. Well done sir.

    sidenote: This is the first time I noticed that you are not consistent with your name. Is it Shlopnick, Sholpnick, or Shlopnock?

    • And you sir have just left the perfect comment. I had to stop drinking because I was laughing so hard. Thank you!!!

      As far as the name thing…. I have so many aliases that it is hard to keep them straight. But I believe that the proper spelling of my last name is Shlopnick.

    • Now after looking at this a little closer… I believe I misspelled it years ago in my profile. Being I really do not want to go in and change it because it may have the same effect as dividing by zero… I’ll just go by Sholpnick from now on.

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