Descent Into Darkness

The day started like any other, I arrived at the shack and with much less trepidation than on my first day, stepped into the elevator. Unlike most elevators this one only has two buttons, one to go down, one to go up, after all the only place it has to go to is the control hub of Hot Lard HQ.

So when the elevator didn’t descend with its usual speed but instead juddered and shook, I was more surprised than concerned, especially as with a sudden lurch, it picked up speed. I just assumed it was because it was rarely used and had probably never been serviced. Then the lights started to flicker, and in that instant, all my fears about elevators surfaced.

Once on vacation I’d got stuck in an elevator, it repeatedly went up and down between floors refusing to stop and release me from its evil clutches. After some 30 minutes, which to me seemed like an eternity, it stopped with a thud on the ground floor and I staggered out, to find the hotel manager waiting with a large glass of whisky, I needed it.

Thankfully on this occasion, the elevator stopped with its reassuring thud, I took a deep breath, now more desperate then usual for my morning coffee. I moved forward as the doors slowly opened, only to stop dead in my tracks, everywhere was in darkness, the light from the elevator only illuminated the immediate area, nothing beyond, but I knew in an instant that I was not in the control hub.

Peering out into the dark, there was a strange musty smell of decay, whatever this place was, it was very old. I decided to do some research when I got to my office, and turning to the control panel, pressed the ‘up’ button…nothing happened…I pressed it repeatedly, thumped it…nothing, the elevator was not moving, and there was no emergency button to press to call for help either. Not as though that would have helped, there was no one else in HQ to answer the call.

Now in the movies there is always a trap door in the ceiling you can climb out of, and somehow make your way up to another floor. I could see several problems with this, mainly this was not the movies and glancing up at the ceiling, there wasn’t a trapdoor either, also I had no idea just how deep underground I was.

Hearing a strange rustling sound from the darkness, I stepped back trying to calm my pounding heart, and waited for the door to shut, it stayed open. I’m usually pretty fearless and if it hadn’t been for my hatred of elevators, I’d be coping with this situation far better than I was.

There was a light thud and the sound of something moving across the ground towards the elevator, I held my breath as a torch slowly rolled towards my feet, my nervous reaction was to laugh and call out into the darkness.

“Alright who ever is out there, show yourself, this joke has gone far enough…”

From the depths of the darkness I heard a low rumbling growl, and a new smell assailed my senses…rotting flesh. I put my hand over my nose but the stench was too strong. As the rumbling growl got closer, I pressed myself against the back wall of the elevator, trying to convince myself that any moment now the doors would close and within seconds I’d find myself in my nice cosy office.

It didn’t happen.

As the elevator light flickered, I leapt forward and grabbed the torch, knowing that at any moment I was going to be plunged into darkness, I flicked the switch on the torch just as the elevator light died, and wished I hadn’t, because as the beam from the torch shone out into the darkness…all I could do was scream.

to be continued…

by Shana

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