The reason I’m so busy… The Hot Lard Movie

I know, I know, I’m supposed to be too busy to create any posts and here I am creating more than ever.

I just did not feel right leaving you all without a reason why I’m so busy.

It’s because I’m working on the Hot Lard Movie. Yes, there is a going the be a Hot Lard movie, staring…….. Me of course. Who the fuck else would it star.

Primary shooting starts in Uruguay this next week and it will be taking up all my time.

I cannot tell you anything about the story, because I’m contractually obligated not to (Plus I’m making this shit up on the fly and have no clue what to say. I’m just doing this post because I found this cool movie poster site).

But here is one of the many movie posters you will start to see on billboards and porno shops.

The movie should be released sometime in 2015, so you may want to start camping out in front of your local theater now.


OK, I mean it, I’m done now…. (Said the crack head)

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    • You’ve got it…


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