My First Day At Work

I glance at the torn piece of paper that was delivered to my apartment late last night, slid under the door very mysteriously. There is a sketchy hand drawn map with a big X showing me where I need to go, I’m grateful for the map because the handwriting is almost illegible.

I now find myself in the middle of nowhere, there is a storm brewing and I need to find my destination, there is nothing but wasteland before me and an old shack that’s look as though one gust of wind could flatten it. I check the map again, then look up at the shack…no surely not.

Making my way over to the building, I notice that despite its dilapidated state, the door is suprisingly solid, slowly opening it I step inside and look around, the room is empty, and I’m sure I can feel the floor vibrating and hear a faint hum. A door to my left suddenly opens, expecting someone to emerge, instead I’m surprised to see an elevator, I’ve never liked elevators, but I have no choice but to step inside.

The elevator descends at an alarming speed, then suddenly stops with a thud, it seems to take forever for the door to open, I gasp as I stare at the scene before me, it’s like something out of sci fi movie, monitors everywhere, strange equipment I’ve never seen before, all it needs is for a mad scientist to appear, but apart from the strange hum, there is no sign of life.

Just to the side of the elevator there is a broom leaning against the wall with a note pinned to it.


Swearing under my breath, I choose to ignore the note, thinking to myself, when he returns, I’ll show him what I do with a broom, and it won’t be pleasant.


by Shana aka Guest Blogger aka Hot Lard Intern πŸ˜‰

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