Been Busy – Going to stay busy – Here is some shit to get you by…

I want to take a moment and apologize to my followers and the people I follow for not being diligent in reading your posts and getting back to your comments. I have been extremely busy the past few weeks with work and unfortunately, I will remain busy for the next couple of months. (Golly, it really sucks growing up)

I just wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten about you….. OK, some of you I do choose to forget, but the voices in my head keep reminding me of your existence and how important you all are to the master plan of world domination…. Errrr, I may have just said too much.


I wanted to ask you all to please be patient with me, I will get with you and your posts as much as I can, and will try to eek out a post here and there during this busy time.

In the meantime, here are a few observations to tide you over until I get back to blogging full time…


If the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs were told today, this is how I believe it would end.


If the Harry Potter movies where made in the 80’s, how do you think they would have looked?


It’s probably not a good idea to give a blowjob to a stranger at a Rave…


Large people and water sports, don’t mix…


qDIUrBefore any of you start to bitch and moan about this one. I am a large person, so it’s OK for me to say this. Plus I was politically correct and referred to these individuals as a “large person”….. But I have lost 60lbs in the last 6 months, and I plan on losing 60 more. After that I will be skinny & they will become “Fat Bastards”….. and it will probably be NOT OK for me to say that then…. Like that ever stopped me before. Β 

My coffee was really hot this morning…


Everything is better in 3D!


Nothing can compare to the awe and sheer beauty of witnessing a unicorn fart.


Sometimes you just have to go with your gut and say, “Yeah, I can get into this car.”


This is my lunch when I’m busy at work…


Maybe I should try to multitask my lunch with other things….


Or maybe it is just time to find a new career….


But I really do love my job… I’m just not sure if it really loves me…


If only we could just wish for what we truly desired….


I’d wish for some Pizza Fries!!!


One last thing to keep you entertained while I’m absent.

Click on the picture of the ghost and drag it around the screen… It makes it look like my site is haunted… That should keep you busy for hours. I know it has me!!!!


13 thoughts on “Been Busy – Going to stay busy – Here is some shit to get you by…

  1. I could only be so lucky…I’M JUST KIDDING, I LOVE ALL MY FOLLOWERS. they are like that itch I cannot scratch.
    You’ll do great and probably for the first time in the site history people could actually read what was written. (Without throwing up or giving up all hope on life that is)
    To invite you I need an email address. Do you have one you do not mind giving out. Or just send me an email at
    Do it for the kids…. Do it for the sick and dying… Do it for the prunes!!!!

  2. Fat bastard like us and water do mix, and those are two shining examples of that. The first image was only bad because he ran out of water, as opposed to the second case where there was an abundant supply available.

    Also, I spent way to much time playing with that ghost.

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