Finding the person behind the dot – A second dot from overseas

A new dot has stepped forward to be claimed as a person. Shana Rae is the author of the much coveted Network Rae. Shana is from the UK, so I guess it is appropriate for me to say….“Let’s put another shrimp on the barbie.” (chuckles with class) I’m so worldly, I know.

Being this blog is from the UK, I’m sure you are thinking it is all about, knights of the round table, Princess Diana flat wear, and tea & strumpets…. BUT YOU’D BE WRONG!!!!! Damn, what a bunch stereotypically, bad people your are….  It’s about hating the French, Saucy Bangers, soccer hooliganism, and bad teeth.  Sorry Shana, not all people are as open minded as I am.

Actually this blog is about all sorts of things… Including, Dr Who, weird trumpet noises, a hatred of Facebook, and tinfoil hats.  I haven’t been stalking Shana for very long. But I knew after an interesting comment exchange we had, I could see us taking long walks on the beach, admiring the sunset, going to exotic places to meet interesting people and killing them.

Comment exchange found in Hot Lard Readers page

Shana Rae says

I’ve got my tinfoil hat on, you’ll never find me now!

Ervin Sholpnick says:

Shana… (Place Darth Vader breathing sound effect here)
Come to the dark side….. Give me your location and we shall rule the universe together!!!
Obi Wan never told you what happened to your father…….
I… (Spoiler Alert)

Shana Rae says:

*Peeks out from under her tinfoil hat* You haz cookies? I’ll come to the darkside for cookies…

…Daddy?? *faints*

Ervin Sholpnick says:

Yah, Yah, Yah, you can have a cookie… just don’t tell your mother.
Now take off the damn hat and reveal the location of the rebel base…. (storms out of room to recharge his asthma helmet.)

Shana Rae says:

*Takes the cookie* Alright I shall reveal all…it’s situated in *cough, splutter, she chokes on the cookie before the location can be revealed*

Ervin Sholpnick says:

(Crushes the room around him with the force)

Next shot we see Vader standing on the bridge of his ship looking out at an unfinished Death Star…. Then turns on the space windshield wipers, only to find it was just a big space bug’s guts splatter on the windshield….. He then looks out into the darkness to a realization that he is alone….. so very alone.

fade to black


After that I knew she would fit right in with the Hot Lard crowd. I also notified the local authorities to lock her in a padded room for the general public’s safety. Shana, they will find you, so stop hiding!!!

When you get a chance, please check out Shana’s blog. I guarantee you’ll get a good laugh. Plus the number hits she gets, will determine if she is let out of the asylum or not.

Once again, if you would like to be added to the map, please leave me your location in a comment. I do already know where many of you are located (Thanks to the Death Ray Satellite). But I will not assume you want to be mentioned. I will only do it, if you tell me it is OK.

Click to enlarge map

readers 4

5 thoughts on “Finding the person behind the dot – A second dot from overseas

  1. Ermahgerd I’ve been mentioned in dispatches, not dose patches, deespatches, and there was me thinking I’d got a pimple on my butt, turned out to be your damn dot!! 😉

    *An orderly appears and tightens Shana’s straitjacket* Don’t worry sir, she won’t cause you any more problems…*He drags Shana away kicking and screaming*

    • Thank you officer….

      Oh, and if she tries to tell you a story of me in a pink dress with three midget cheerleaders, a can a creme corn, setting fire to a and old folks home after waxing the front stairs…… Ummmm, don’t believer her.

  2. I pwomise not to tell anyone about that, pwomise…but…there is the story of you in the little black dress and four midget cheerleaders and…oops I’d better keep quiet…*hides the photographic evidence in a safe place*

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