Finding the person behind the dot – A new dot has been claimed

This time we have a new dot and a new page for Hot Lard.

First the dot…

Steve Kallio is the author of The not really news blog. As you can tell from the title, this is a cooking blog. Steve has a cannibal chili recipe to die for….

Actually, if you want to get your news and health tips, this is where you need to go.  I have been made aware of many very important & worldly matters through this site, such as……

Six clawed mutant lobsters

Beast caught in the Shampoo isle

Soccer teams and animal sacrifices

Zombie Pigeons

You can see why I’d like this blog. He also has medical personnel on staff that gives out excellent medical advice.  Did you know that bourbon will cure Herpes? Ummmm, OK, Dr. Steve did not tell me that… It’s just common knowledge.

He also has this fetish with Pheasants… But hey, who am I to judge!?!?!?

Steve resides in the great North West and has asked that I use the Hot Lard Super Secrete Death Ray Satellite to destroy the town just north of him.  Well Steve, I’m nothing if not complaint… OK nameless town and towns people, kiss your asses goodbye!!!

Click on map to enlarge

hot lard readers 4

Also, I’d like to point out that I have added a new page to the site. It’s called the Hot Lard Readers page and it will prominently display the most current map along with links to those of you that have been generous enough to give me a location. Just a little thank you for playing along. If you want to be added to the map, just leave a comment on the Hot Lard Readers page and I’ll get you put on and give a little shout out for your page.

Huh, what’s that???? How does this differ from the Blogroll every wed site on WordPress has?????

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…… FUCK YOU, that’s how!! With mine, if you forget where you live, you can look at the map and find your dot. That little yellow dot may just save your life some day…..  Or maybe not… Shit, I was really bad at geography in school, and for all I know I could be placing you all in Pakistan.

Thanks again


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