Finding the person behind the dot – Another Update, the dots keep rolling in.

We have a few new dots to identify on the Hot Lard Readers map.

Fist off, thank you to cat9984 the author of Adventures in Cheeseland: Working in a Big Box. Please click the link to visit Cat’s page.  Cat is out of central Michigan. That is Big Ten country, so that is a good thing. Especially now that Michigan beat Notre Dame. Cat wanted to give us some more information, but apparently the witness relocation program does not allow that. So we’ll just have to go with central Michigan for now…. Until the Hot Lard secrete death ray satellite can find Cat’s true location. I like to go to Cat’s site when I want to feel…… normal. It’s hard for me to categorize Cat’s site. Other than saying it is just a good read on subjects like, family, vacation, shopping, humor, osmosis….. Oh and cheese, let’s not forget cheese.

Next is someone near and dear to my heart… or is that a tumor? Well anywho, give it up for Buffalo Tom Peabody. Tom is an amazing person that does really neat things with a cat……..  I see that look on your face and no, it is not like that donkey show you saw in Tijuana. Tom is the cat and does all sorts of really neat and wonderful things. I get a good laugh every time I go to his site. Just a word of warning, Tom is blind, so you will have to speak up when you talk to him. He tells me I don’t have to shout, but I’m sure it’s because he is just trying to be polite. But I yell anyway, because that is the type of kind hearted person I am. ISN’T THAT RIGHT TOM!!!  I…….SAID……ISN’T…….THAT….RIGHT?!?!?!?! Oh and click here to see a very special post of his… Check out the really cool T-shirt.

And finally there is Elizabeth Melton Parsons  If that is your real name!!! I mean come on!!!! I believe cat9984 and Buffalo Tom Peabody could be real people…. But Elizabeth Melton Parsons… that has FAKE NAME written all over it. I guess some people just don’t want to show their true selves… sigh. Well anyway “E L Z A B E T H” or what ever…. I love to go to your site when I want to see how beautiful the world can be. She does things with a camera that are truly amazing….. Again, get your mind off of that show you saw in Tijuana!!! GEESH! If you want to sit back and go, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… the world is good”. Go to her site and look at her pictures. They will truly amaze. Except the bug photos… those are creepy and need to be killed with fire.

Updated Map – Click on it to enlarge

reader list 3

For the rest of you, if you would like to be added to the map, please leave a comment with your general location, GPS tracking number, blood sample, favorite color, & shirt size. If you refuse to submit and give me your location, I’ll train the Hot Lard secrete death ray satellite on you and take you out…. I know what you are saying now, “But Ervin, if you don’t know where we are, how can you take us out?”… That is a good question and I really have not worked out all the finer details of that quite yet. But I figured if I just go for the scorched earth thing, I’ll eventually hit you or someone you care about… BUH WA  HA HA HA  (that’s my evil laugh)

Oh, one last thing Elizabeth (Or whoever you really are) the satellite is trained on you right now… Give me your real name or I’ll….. ummm… learn… what… all these… buttons… do… and push the one that gets you!!!. (Repeat evil laugh here)

8 thoughts on “Finding the person behind the dot – Another Update, the dots keep rolling in.

  1. I hope its not a tumor… People do speak to me sometimes, loud and slow… I tell them they don’t have to yell because I can read lips! 🙂

  2. The new hot large t shirts are treated with scotch guard… The long sleeved version, for winter wear… Has a lining made from recycled Walmart bags. Warm and stylish!

  3. 😯 You are evil. Looks like I have no choice. Okay, since you are holding the upper hand, my REAL name is rootie tootie pootie. Now you see why I use a pseudonym. Don’t tell anyone. BTW, thanks for all the sweet things you said. 🙂

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