Finding the person behind the dot

How may of you fellow bloggers have that map on your site that displays dots of varying sizes, showing where in the world your hits are coming from?

You know the one I mean….

map of hits

This is the one I have on mine. The size and the color of the dots indicates the number of hits you are getting from a specific location. As you can see, most of my dots are small…. But ummmmm it’s not the sizes of the dot that matters….. it’s… ummmmmm how you use it? OK, setting my phallic inadequacies  aside, let’s get back the the reason I’m writing this post.

Sometimes I wonder who the dot is. Who is that person in Japan, or Australia and how did they find me. Do they visit my site often, or am I a quick one night stand?

Well, I actually was able to identify one of my dots today, and I wanted to share it with you. The author of one of the sites I follow and I hope they follow me, lives near Venice Italy. She is an artist and the author of the blog 2piu2design. She does wonderful work and I truly enjoy going to her site  to see the new things she has come up with.


I guess I’m sort of jealous because she can do things with a brush or pencil I can only dream of… Actually I cannot even do that. My art dreams sort of look like this…

P1090028 This is my rendition of the last supper

Well any way, like I mentioned earlier, I found out today that she lives near Venice Italy, so I looked at my map and sure enough I found her dot. Sitting right where she said she was. So from now on, that dot belongs to 2piu2design.

world hits 2

It puts a lot more meaning to that map when you know there is an actual person behind that dot. If my other readers don’t mind, I’d like to know where your dots are at also. Now before you get that look on your face, I’m not wanting your address and SSN number. I’d just like a general location, so I can see if I can find your dot. And I promise to not come to your place and watch you sleep through the window….. I’ll actually come into your house to do that.

While your at it, check out some really good art by clicking on 2piu2design on my blog roll list. I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

And for those of you that are having a hard time coping with the fact that you have just read a serious post on Hot lard.  Here is a really small man doing a funny dance in a Lord of the Rings photo.



Butt…. Fart…. Sex and things

Feel better…..? Good.

8 thoughts on “Finding the person behind the dot

  1. San Antonio, TX. I found your blog a few years ago when someone mentioned it on Yahoo answers (probably right after you got banned). I can’t remember anything about the question, or who mentioned you. I do remember doing nothing at work but reading this blog for like two days straight going through all of your old posts.

    • That is awesome. I remember when we first started up Hot Lard. There were a bunch of us working Tech Support for what will remain as an unnamed company. But we would spend days doing no work & delaying phone calls just so we could work on the site. We used to laugh our asses off back then. That was a really good time for the site.
      I’ll add you to the Map and repost it.


    • You have to get a secrete undersea headquarters first, then you get the map.
      So you gonna give me your location so I can add it to the map? I promise to only stalk you on days with “Y” in them.

  2. fine I believe I’m the only one from Washington State. If there’s more than one then I’m in SW Washington. Now if you could just use that death ray to eradicate the town north of me, all would be well.

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