Some Late Night Observations…

It’s late on a Saturday and I’d really like to go the sleep, but my head is spinning from wondering about these very important things….

I think the “Ted” sequel is going in an entirely different direction.


I don’t think the pink bear really wants to see Miley twerk.


I think trying to change the Cookie Monster to the Veggie Monster was a really bad idea.


I believe Handicapped Drift Racing could be huge!!!

1ZB82AxYou know you laughed at that and are going straight to hell with the rest of us.

I believe that people who are trusting, make life really fun for the rest of us.


Boobies….. Boobies….. CLOWN!!! EVIL FUCKING CLOWN!!!


I believe “Thomas the Train” is part of a secrete terrorist super cell, and this is a picture of him being transported to Guantanamo Bay Cuba.


I think Donald Trump should get a hair cut before he drives his convertible.


I believe the “Blue Screen of Death” is not fucking around anymore…


I think this is what Miley really looked like at the VMA’s..


What I see when someone asks me if I’m good at sports…


What I see when I am asked if I watch women’s professional sports…


Again, what I see when someone mentions Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s…


I think my wife is trying to tell me something….


I believe if I try to think about this picture too much, my head will explode.


Where is your God now…..?


I think……. I’ll do whatever Hypnotoad tells me.


Click on the picture for the full effect

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