Lessons in Love by Nambeed Manbottom – Signs

hBBF683A2Hello there amateur lovers. It’s me Nambeed Manbottom professional love maker and sex ninja.

Today’s lesson is on those subtle little signs women give when it is time for love making. Unfortunately, most men are unable to recognize these signs and end up missing out on the sweet body boom boom. But don’t worry little girly men, Nambeed Manbottom is here to educate you in the ways of women and the ways of love.

To start, a woman is not going to just hold up a sign to let you know what she wants. But it appears that most Asian KGIlG23men will. A woman is to aloof to just come out and tell her grunt & bump partner what she wants. The excitement for  the woman is in the chase. They like to draw it out for as long as they can with their little games and restraining orders. But when she is finally ready for that passionate 526 seconds, you have to be ready and able to understand the signs.

But not all signs from a woman are for sex….. most of them are… but some are not. And it is those rare moments that can keep you out of her bed, or get a face full of mace.

So let’s look at a few signs that women give and see if you are able to recognize them correctly.

s6GNrvqI’m sure you armatures believe this lovely young lady is signaling  her willingness to perform certain sexual favors on a love studs man-parts . But you’d be wrong…. This innocent little lady just ate a bowl of popcorn and has kernels stuck in her teeth. Be a gentleman and flick a tooth pick at her and as soon as she cleans he gums of popcorn leftovers, she will be doing “favors” that I guarantee will make you happy. Like your laundry or sweeping the floor.

This next little vixen is all about getting her sexual urges satisfied by the first man who notices her obvious signs. How do I know this you ask? Huh…Huh…. Huh… We it’s as obvious as the nose on your face.

(Hot lard would like to apologize kRuVI4Sto all of our readers with leprosy for that last comment)

You see, she is in a art class…. and women know nothing about art. So obviously she wants it. I know what you are asking now…. “But Nambeed, how do you know she really isn’t there for an art class?”  You silly little man, you will continue to be a love amateur as long as you mistakenly think that way. Women are not good at art, they just cannot do it… What are women good at? Sex… and shaving their legs, but not art.

Here is a list of great artist…

Pablo PicassoNorman-Rockwell-Triple-Self-Portrait-1960

Leonardo Da Vinci

Norman Rockwell

Charles Schultz

What do they all have in common? That’s rights, they are men.

Now lets look at another list…

Linda LovelaceInside-Linda-Lovelace-Book-Cover


Marilyn Chambers

Kim Kardashian

Do we see any artist in this list???? Nope, just hot and slutty porn stars. So it goes to prove that if a woman is in an art class, she is just looking for sex. Please don’t be mad at me, this is science… and you cannot argue with science.

Next,  looking at this young….. ummmmmm… lady? I guess you’d think she is signally sexual readiness. Miley-Cyrus-2224429.png8NgHV0uBut if you pay close attention to this boy like girl, you’ll see it isn’t sex she wants at all. If you look carefully at the skin tight and skin colored shorts she is wearing, her ass looks like a raw chicken. She is just hungry and would like a nutritious & delicious chicken dinner.

n66WIWiFinally there are just the looks of awe and wonderment a woman will give a man when he does things like…. Drop his pant…. Flex his muscles….. Or vacuums the floor. These are the times that a woman cannot help herself and will do what ever she can to have smelly love time with the nearest man in the room.

I hope these wondrous tips of desire will help you armatures with your love making. Stayed tuned for my next post on how really great dance moves will make a woman like putty in your hands.   9F0bCuo

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