Hot Lard Kodak Moment – Getting Old Sucks


The picture above is a 10 year reunion photo of the cast of the movie, School of Rock. It shows how the kids in the movie have all grown up to be well-rounded, good looking young adults.

I showed this picture to my 19 year old daughter, who was 9 at the time she first saw this movie. When she realized who this photo was of and how they have all grown, she got this all too familiar look on her face…..One I have made and have seen many times from others my age. But I know it was most certainly the first time it ever made its appearance on her face. (But I guarantee it will not be the last) As she looked up from the picture to me and I realized “The Look” she had. I said to her with great satisfaction and the biggest shit eating grin on my face….

“Sucks getting old, don’t it.”

2 thoughts on “Hot Lard Kodak Moment – Getting Old Sucks

  1. Miranda Cosgrove is thinking, “Wow, I’d have thought I’d be above attending this by now, but here I am.”

    The girl to the left of Miranda Cosgrove staring at her is thinking,” Wow, I’d really like to make out with Miranda Cosgrove.”

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