I’ve lost… “The Funny”

dWXgT4qYou may have noticed that I have not created a new post for a while. This is due to the fact, that I have lost “The Funny”.

Yes, that rights… I have lost the ability to be, feel, and recognize anything that is funny. This is a condition that happens to everyone now and then and is what am going through right now. I just cannot seem to feel or write anything that is funny. Some of you may think this is nothing more than a simple case of writers block. But I assure you, that it is much, much worse. When this happens to me, I cannot feel funny and nothing I do or see seems to be funny to me.

Trust me, I’ve tried everything I can think of to get back in touch with “The Funny”…

1. Exchanging prune juice at the retirement home with Turbo Colon-Blow 6000 and super gluing the toilet lids down.

2. Hacking NORAD’s main computer and putting the country at DEF-CON 1.

3. Calling the ACLU and telling them there is a Christmas tree at city hall. Then watching them break their necks getting there with chainsaws and cease and desist orders.

But alas… not so much as a chuckle out of me from all that…. sigh

So, as I work myself out of this state I am in, I may not be creating as many posts as I normally do.

I’ve gone through this before and seemed to always come out of it sooner or later….. Of course the last time it happened to me, it took nearly three years to find “The Funny” again. Let’s just hope it, doesn’t take that long this time.


2 thoughts on “I’ve lost… “The Funny”

    • No, afraid not… It happens to me now and then… I just need to see something really really funny and I’ll Snap out of it….

      HEY LOOK THAT KITTEN IS ABOUT OT GET RUN OVER BY A BUS….. awwwww shucks, it ran out of the way…. Well maybe something else funny will happen…. sigh

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