Great Moments in Engineering – North Korea’s First Smart Phone


Here we can see the “Great Leader” admiring the latest achievement of the Republic of North Korea. The first North Korean built smart phone. Comparable (But yet much Oregon_trailsuperior) to the Apple IPhone and Galaxy GS4; this 10th wonder of the world offers such features as a monochrome screen, 8 bit video graphics, & 1.47 Meg floppy disk port for storage and game playing. Plus, “always on” citizens monitoring and detaining functionality. This phone also offers in country only calling and 46 different Great Leader screensavers. One of the biggest features is the one button dialing. You simply press the one button on the phone and the highly technical North Korean call routing system will request some information from you and get you to the correct party.telephone-operators  Amazing…Just amazing.

This technical wizardry was taken from concept to working product in only 17.4 years. The North Koreans are also boasting that the first year’s quota of 13 phones has already been met. We can see in the picture, the Great Leader inspecting his new phone before he executes the work force. You can also see the Great Leader’s official cocaine measurer sitting at the ready on the end of the table; ever vigilant to lay out a line, whenever his Excellency needs a bump.coke

We here in the western world should now be trembling that the North Korean’s are only some 26 years behind us in technology. Before long, they may have things like… cable TV, Swatches, Furby’s, penicillin & food. swatch-lacquered-collection-20124-furby


Ooooooooohhhhhhh, the thought of it chills me to the bone.

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