Hot Lard Flashback – THE FIRST POST!!!

Today at work I was bored and decided to surf through Hot Lard’s older posts to see if there was anything good that I could share with you. And as I thought, it was all crap, so I went to plan B. Find the first post we ever did.

After wading through tons of shit on the horrors of soccer, people with mullets, and midget porn, (Don’t ask) I was finally able to find…… THE FIRST POST!!!!!!!

Wait a minute…. Read that last part over again, but Click here for dramatic effect…. It’s OK, we’ll wait……….. You ready??? OK, 1……2……3…. Go!



Golly gee wiz, wasn’t that a real hoot?

Anywho, This first post was the one that started it all for Hot Lard. When it was written, this site was a complete unknown. Who knew that in a mere 45 days, it would become the 6th most powerful website on the Internet… You have to remember, this took place in 2007, things happened a lot faster back then.

It was this post that started me down the wondrous road of blogging. It showed me a way to reach out to more people than I had ever before. It gave me a tool to express my feelings and points of view. And it showed me that you, (Our wonderful readers) cared for none of that, and only wanted to see midget porn, puking high school girls, and naked pictures of former Disney starlets.

I will admit that this first post is a little rough around the edges. I was pretty new to the whole reading & writing thing. But it did show off my superior Photoshop skills and proved to the world that a new master, an artistic genius had arrived. Soon I would become the 3rd most powerful man on the internet and would rule over it like a God… an angry God.

And some 6 years later, because of this site, we now have the international space station, a cure for rectal warts, and flying cars. For that, you are welcome.

thank you hl

So without further ado…… To enjoy THE FIRST POST just click here

But do the dramatic music again… it’s sooooooooooooooo cool.

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