Hot Lard Flashback – A Pony for my Daughters Birthday

Here is another post I did back in the 2007 – 2008 time frame. I’m particularly proud of this one, because I posted it on Yahoo Answers and asked folks if I did the right thing getting my daughter a pony for her birthday. After reading it…. AND TAKING IT SERIOUSLY!!! People went ape shit with their replies. The one I picked as the “Best Answer” was classic, and reaffirmed my belief that you did not need the be a member of MENSA to give advise on Yahoo Answers.  I wish I could show you the responses I got on Yahoo, but…. my account sort of got suspended shortly after that.6ku1oye2 I logged on to Yahoo Answers this last weekend and my account is still suspended…. Some 5 years later.

Click here to be taken to the 2009 reposting of this wonderfully heart warming story of a man and his quest to get his daughter the one thing that she wanted most for her birthday

… Oh and there’s a mention of cream corn wrestling in it also, I think.


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