Should I…

Along with asking myself “What If” I will also ask, “Should I”Β  questions from time to time. Such as…

Should I continue my education?

Should I lean another language?

Should I tell that girl I share an elevator every morning with, that I want to motorboat her sweater cows more than anything else in the world?

I believe asking ourselves questions like that, helps us to better ourselves.

Here are a few more “Should I” questions I have….

Should I become an art class model?


Should I start dating again? Of course this is something that would really piss off my wife.


Should I become a super hero?


Should I start working on some of those home repair projects I have been putting off?


Should I tell my buddy how I really feel when he says he enjoys watching Twilight with his girlfriend?


Should I join the Mexican Army?


Should I take up mountain biking?



Should I learn more about science?


Should I go for a hike?


Should I spend more time at the beach?


Should I teach a young boy how to ride a bike?


Should I believe in ghosts?


Should I buy a Corvette?


Should I get that awesome paint job on my van I’ve always wanted?


There are so many things I have left to do with my life.

9 thoughts on “Should I…

  1. I LOVE 500 days of summer! And the super hero gif made me lol…seriously though I do like this post. My father always taught me to ask myself “what if?” But here’s a good one for you “why not?” πŸ™‚

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