A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – Furry Friends Addition (Well, Mostly)

Below are a selection of photos that mostly feature our wonderful furry friends of the wild. Captions have been added to each one to help you, our special (ED) readers, have a better understanding of what our animal friends are trying to say in them.
I did also include a couple photos of humans. One is of my sweet sweet grandmother…. But she is kinda furry, so I guess she would fit right into theses.
I’ve decided to create a post that gives our audience a warm and fuzzy feeling. Because I’m in the process of creating a new Mad lib post using the search terms that sick ass scum of the eartherrrrrrrrr…. I mean, our wonderful readers use to find this little piece of Heaven we call a blog. If you have not read one of these Mad Lib posts before, let me warn you… It will turn your hair white… Isn’t humanity wonderful???

So in the meantime, enjoy these……. Before you are forced to lose all faith in humanity.


Just a little update here…. I was asked if I came up with these captions. I did for all but two…. and those two are under witness protection.
Cat treats 1
Cat treats 2
dry food
fancy feast
It's ice
supermanYing & Yang

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