Hot Lard Caption Contest

I’d like our readers to  share their wit, humor and knowledge in this post. Below is a photo I’d like to see how many different captions can be made for it. The one we find the best will be honored with a “Spot of Heroes” on the post….

Oh come on, you can do this, it’s easy, it’s simple… Here, I’ll start… 

Today in Super Villain News…

We have our first entry!!!

“Fuck, it looks like it’s going to rain chopsticks again tonight.”


See, that was easy… and I’m a moron. Just imagine how well you MENSA members can do.  So step up, strut your stuff, and leave a caption in the comments field.

2 thoughts on “Hot Lard Caption Contest

    • That is definitely going on the front page…. Check back in 5 minutes to see it… It’s been 3 years since I did some of this stuff, so make it 10 minutes…. maybe 15…. better make it 20… Just wait a week and I’m sure I’ll figure it out!!!

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