Popeyes Runs Out of Chicken, Conspiracy??

Am I the only one (apparently not) that noticed something unusual about this video?

You’d think the reporter would’ve at least tried to find a white person.

Is this how stereotypes get started?  Or, is this simply fact?

4 thoughts on “Popeyes Runs Out of Chicken, Conspiracy??

  1. I’ve worked in food service for a long time now. I started in a Subway and now I work in one of the nicest restaurants in my state. People are ridiculous when they want food you don’t have. I can’t count the number of people that would yell at me for it almost like they thought I was the one that ordered the fucking food. I don’t know if anyone else has ever seen a Subway that ran out of bread but it’s not pretty.

  2. As long as they still had beans I’d be OK…

    But if they ran out of beans……@#%!#@^$@$&^@$%%&%$&@$^%@@$%&@$%@&$%&%^&#%%^&%$&#@%^&#%&^#%&^%#&^%#&%#^&#%^&#%^

    And that is just what I’d do to their children.

  3. I always expect the food place to have what they offer on the menu; otherwise, lock your doors and turn off the lights.

    What’s the point of being “open for business” if your main selling point/food is depleted?!

    I would understand if the restaurant was out of … say … water or something. But, if I don’t get my 7 helpings of “Unlimited salad and breadsticks”, I’m throwing a fit and emailing The Consumerist.

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