What I did this Earth Day…


To show my respect to the Earth and all the liberal pussies that say we must protect her…  Here is a list of what I did this Earth Day.

1.    Bought an SUV. The Ozone Killer 3000 with an extra fossil fuel burning engine and genuine baby seal skin seat covers.

2.    Purchased a crate of 250 Watt light bulbs for my house and burned them all day long.

3.    Convinced my neighbors to burn their lights all day long

4.    Shot and ate a bald eagle.

5.    Sank a Green Peace boat

6.    Stole money from PETA and gave it to Dick Cheney

7.    Peed into the towns water supply

8.    Dumped toxic waist in the ocean

9.    Taught children the joys of plastic silverware and how to hide a car battery in the woods.

10.    Changed my cars oil in a botanical garden.

11.     Planted 650,000 Styrofoam cups in hopes of growing Styrofoam trees.

12.     Watered my trees with gasoline.

13.   Killed a Hippy

14. Watched Fox News all day long.

So what did you do????

3 thoughts on “What I did this Earth Day…

  1. damn! I see that in the last one year when I’ve been dormant you guys have been corrupting the minds of unsuspecting humans stronger than ever!
    and after reading this i’m convinced that we’re fraternal siblings from two different ends of the world.

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