Demotivational Posters Volume #34 – The Really Shitty Ones

It has been some time since I last created a bunch of demotivational posters.

Many moons have pasted and the sands of time have sifted away like a monkey who has eaten 6 cans of creamed corn and has a rectal infection.

A lot of changes have come to my life during this time, some of which are joyous and magical, but most of which are make believe

So that’s why these posters will really suck.

Yep, they suck shit and smell like your grandmas pleasantly moist but over used panties

Of course you will view them anyway and go home with a smile on your face thinking you have been fulfilled with the greatness that is me. (Ervin Shlopnick)

Only for it to dawn on you once you get home that you have been jipped, realizing your grandmas panties are not moist or pleasant in any sense of the word. Oh and these posters are really shitty too. But mostly because your grandma has really smelly panties… And the fact that you are just learning now that she dry humps your pillow when you are at work. Sorry for that, but I felt you had to know… and it gives you a visual of how awful these posters really are.

Pillow dry humped by your grandma with moist smelly panties and not washed before you sleep on it, awful… Get the picture yet asshole?

Most likely you will have to wait a very long time before you get any really good demotivation from this site. When you recognize this fact you will beat your dog and burn your house to the ground.

So my warning to you is that if you are expecting too much from these really shitty posters, you may just want to move along to another post. Come back when I start taking this blog seriously again and do better work.

But on second thought they could be so good that they help you to earn great wealth and happiness.

I really dought it though…

they kinda suck.



Your grandma is a whore…

and I love her

























4 thoughts on “Demotivational Posters Volume #34 – The Really Shitty Ones

  1. Finally got my computer at home up and running this weekend, so the first thing I HAD to do was create a couple of posts on HL to let everyone know I was still alive.

    Well Second actually, I had to surf barn yard porn first.

    Well maybe third, I had to cyber-stalk my neighbor for a few hours. But after that I defiantly created these posts.

    OK, I did order the “Anal Assassin 3000” for my Aunt May and de-furred my dog. But after that, the readers of HL were at the top of my list.

    I may have taken a nap before that.

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