I Need Your Help Creating a Couple Demotivational Posters

I was sent an email the other day with a couple of pictures taken over in Iraq and was asked to create a couple of Demotivational Poster  for them.

Email Below

Hey i was sent these pics from a soldier buddy in iraq and i was wonderin if i could get them “DeMotivated” from you…. Thanks!!



I emailed back asking if they preferred the posters to be positive or negative and I received this reply…

well over there is kinda hard on him…. i think he would probably like the negative better…. i think he needs a laugh, you know?

Well, as a former military person myself. I’d like to do nothing more that give a good laugh to our fighting men and women.

The problem is…. I have drawn a complete blank on what to do with these.

So I’m coming to you for help… Our faithful and partially retarded readers. I’d like to get some ideas from you on what type of demotivational posters to do for these photos. You don’t actually have to create the poster, just give me the title and funny saying and I’ll do the rest. I’ll post all the good ideas we get and give you the credit for creating it. You can put your ideas as a comment below or send them to the following email address.


I’m serious about this… You are a bunch of retards. But retards are what this country… No, this WORLD needs to create and distribute the healing power of demotivational posters.

Thank you in advance..

And once again, you are retarded.

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