Hot Lard MUST Stay Below 500K Hits

marocco_maroc_mammals_9186_l1Over the past few months I have seriously contemplated closing down Hot Lard as a cost saving measure to keep me from having to layoff anyone from my barnyard porn corporation. But every time I do, there seems to be a reason to keep her open; so we work the donkey a little harder that month and seem to get the money to keep Hot Lard running.

But now that the site has crossed the 400K mark in hits, it has occurred to me that this site is only going to keep growing and the cost to keep it running will also grow with it., We have figured that at our current rate of growth, we will be killing off 2.3 donkeys per month from total exhaustion by the end of the year. And well hung and constantly horney donkeys that don’t get strung out on horse tranquilizers are not easy to come by.

So in these tough economic times we here at Hot Lard had to make a few tough decisions, and one of them has to do with how to keep Hot Lard open for business. I believe I have come up with a good solution that will keep everyone happy. What I am purposing is that as long as our readers don’t log onto the site and keep growing our hits, we can stay open. So I have drawn a line in the sand, once Hot Lard reaches 500K hits we will have to closer her down. So if you want to keep this site open… Don’t come here. I’m asking you our readers to help us keep this great site under 500k hits, so we can keep it going.  That way we can still deliverer the same great entertainment and news worthy information you are used to getting from us. That is as long as you don’t come here to read it.

So what do you say loyal Hot Lard fans? Can we all work together and keep Hot Lard under 500K hits?. Let’s do it for the Site, Let’s do it for the jobs we will save. Let’s do it for the poor donkeys. Let’s all vow to not come to the site anymore so it can stay open.

I thank you, the staff thanks you and Rex the wonder donkey thanks you.

Ervin Shlopnick

Managing Director of shit that doesn’t make sense.


We have a whole lot of really great stuff we will be posting in the near future.

Hope to not see you

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