Nominate Hot Lard For 2009 Bloggies

It’s that time of year to start entering your nominations for the 2009 Bloggies.

Both Ervin and I are in real in dire straits and desperately need your support.  If we win any of this year’s categories, Ervin will be able to finally afford to purchase the final VHS tape from the porn series, Stallions and Me, The Harrowing Tales of Betty the Horse Screamer.  It’s from a small production company, so don’t bother searching or for information.  Additionally, I will finally be able to afford to buy a book of stamps to send in all my Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstake envelopes.  I’ve been holding onto to these forever.

Anyway, here are the categories:

  • best web application for weblogs
  • best australian or new zealand weblog
  • best asian weblog
  • best african weblog
  • best european weblog
  • est latin american weblog
  • best canadian weblog
  • best photography of a weblog
  • best art, craft, or design weblog
  • best food weblog
  • best fashion weblogs
  • best travel weblog
  • best weblog about music
  • best gossip blog
  • best entertainment weblog
  • best sports weblog
  • best weblog about politics
  • best computer or technology weblog
  • best topical weblog
  • best teen weblog
  • most humorous weblog
  • best writing of a weblog
  • best microblog
  • best group weblog
  • best community weblog
  • best-designed weblog
  • best-kept secret weblog
  • best new weblog
  • lifetime achievement
  • weblog of the year

If I may make a suggestion for the first category, Best Web Application for Weblogs, I highly recommend you nominate WordPress.  The fine folks at Automattic deserve the recognition.

5 thoughts on “Nominate Hot Lard For 2009 Bloggies

  1. I was going to ask how you knew I had one vote, but then the other brain cell kicked in.
    You’ve got one more than you had before. “Consider yourself voted for. Consider yourself at home. Consider yourself part of the family. It’s …” a crap I forget the rest.
    Where’s the Oliver Beta Tape?

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