My Top Nostalgic Comebacks

This morning on CBS Sunday Morning, a story was aired about nostalgic comebacks.  Ballroom dances, hot rods, and diners were many of the things people wanted back.

This got me thinking; what do I want from yesteryear?  Listed below is an unordered list of my top comebacks.

eazy-eHardcore/Gangsta Rap

This may be a stretch, but I do kinda miss the edge and hardcore-ness that gangsta rap brought us.  The phat beats and strong lyrics really hit ya, and I think nobody did it better than Eazy E.  This crap nowadays is just plain crap.  Who are these people?  Kanye West?  Is he the best there is?  Isn’t he a Grammy winner?  Hardcore muthafuckers never gave a shit about awards, unless it was a gold plated .45 Smith & Wesson and a pound of dope.  And, are there any coast wars?  Where are the bitches and hoes?  I think the edge is gone is today’s Hip-Hop.  I would like the old-school hardcore rap to return.

Examples: Ice Cube, Ice T, N.W.A., Tupac, etc.

the-stand80’s Style Action Movies

This is the boost Hollywood really needs to get people back to the theaters.  Hollywood needs to cater to the 30-somethings that grew up on this style of moviemaking.  The biggest stars of the day were Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Jean-Claude Van Damm.  Argubly, there is no greater action star than Arnie.  And, we miss him.  I think I speak for everyone when we still hold hope that he’ll make a return after his governorship is over.  We need him.  I just don’t think he knows that.  We’ve had possible replacements, but as typical, they’ve all fucked it up royally.

A couple that come to mind are: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Worst Offender: The Game Plan), Jason Statham (Worst Offender: In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale).

Glamour Shots

glamour-shotsThe art of taking either an ugly or cute person and transforming them into a complete douchebag seems to have been lost along the way.  Why?  These photos are classic!

Glamour Shots was the premier gift to all mothers and girlfriends from sons and boyfriends.  Typically found in shopping malls, Glamour Shots were the perfect place to buy a gift certificate, after you spent a couple of hours browsing Spencers Gifts or the magic shop.  Olan Mills is a close second, at least in the department of “making people look like complete morons while having their picture taken”. There are plenty of examples to be found if you have no idea what I’m talking about.  “Is Glamour Shots still around?”, you might ask.  Yes, yes they are.  The only difference, I suspect, is that 00’s style is vastly difference from 80’s style.  No longer will you see the Aqua Net poofy hairdos.

Feel free to add your submit your own comeback ideas.

5 thoughts on “My Top Nostalgic Comebacks

  1. You’re right he’s not exactly top notch when it comes to action films … but at least he’s something.

    And yeah Babylon AD was very mediocre

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