It’s been a short, strange, but fun trip.

monty_python_2Hey kids,

I was hopping this day would never come, but due to the ever growing responsibilities I keep acquiring I am finding it nearly impossible to keep up Hot Lard the way I think it should be. So as of this time I’m shutting her down. I just don’t have any of the funny left in me I had when we started this page and to be honest, I’m not sure if I really want to find it. So this will be my last post for Hot Lard; I will be dropping a post now and then on Demotivational Minds, but I am officially done with Hot Lard.

Thanks to all our loyal readers (All 6 of you) I appreciate you stopping by as often as you did. You made it fun. I’d also like to thank all the midget hookers, three eyed sand turtles, whip cream pedophiles, gravy covered telephone operators, thong wearing Santa’s, criminally insane monkeys, Nazi tooth fairies, cattle prod worshipers, misshapen colostomy bag users, ass sniffing priests, chipmunk party freaks, rubber suit salesmen, hairless adult diaper models, creators of the anal assassin 3000, bug eyed kitten rapist, bad smelling role models and liberals… Without all of you this would not have been possible.

Thank you and Goodbye

Ervin Shlopnick

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5 thoughts on “It’s been a short, strange, but fun trip.

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  2. I know my posts have been infrequent, but I will NOT allow Hot Lard to die.

    And, you betcha… Ervin isn’t going anywhere. He’s just got some barnyard friends in town that require special attention.

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