Demotivational Posters Volume #30

After tallying the votes (three times) I’ve come to the conclusion that the people did not want Ervin Shlopnick as their leader. It appears that I had a few more red marks on my resume than Mr. Obama did. Who new people would get so upset over my love of barnyard sex and gravy covered midget hookers.

Oh well, one thing you can not take from me is my demotivational posters cabinet post, that my friend is a life time appointment.

And just in the nick of time, I have come up with a fresh batch of posters to save the economy, gay marriage, colostomy bag fun houses, criminally insane monkeys, and the fight for truth, justice, and soiled underpants.

Up, Up and Away!!!!


To see these masterpieces you will need to go to Demotivational Minds.

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