The End of the Race Card

obama-468x5581It’s official!  Now that Barack Obama will be the 44th President of the United States of America, people of all minority types will forever be banned from using the “race card” to explain why they:

  • can’t get a job
  • are oppressed in the workplace
  • are discriminated against
  • shoot a rival gang member
  • joined a gang

Do you hear that?  Now that a black man can become the President of the United States of America, the next time I hear about the “black man” or “hispanic” or “jew” or “redneck” or “Polack” or “native american/indian” whining and bitching about being held back due to race, you deserve to die should move to France because you are a lazy piece of fucking shit who wants a handout from your government … namely, Barack Obama.  He will gladly take the money your neighbor brings home and redistribute it to you.

Want national healthcare?  Barack will make it happen, along Nancy Pelosi.  They’ll give you as much as you need from people with jobs and a decent income.

However, once you get on your feet (if you do decide to stop smoking crack) and get a job… welcome to the real world.  Now YOU’LL be paying into the system and supporting your fellow lazy-ass American (or immigrant) with your wages.  And guess what?  Maybe … just maybe you’ll wake up and stop supporting Socialism Liberals.  Maybe next time, you’ll vote for smaller government and more liberties.  And don’t debate me on this because you know I’m right.

Oh wait, I’m going off on a tangent.  My bad.

I guess maybe the race card issue isn’t dead… maybe since Barack Obama isn’t 100% black (both mom and dad are black), that won’t be good enough for 100% ethnic minorities, if and when the issue presents itself.

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