Should I keep Demotivational Minds or Not – You Decide!

I’d like to hear from you on what you think of Demotivational Minds. Mostly I’d like to know if you think the posters I have been coming up with are funny or not. So I’ve created a poll you can take to let me know. This will help me to decide if I should continue doing this or put the barrel of a gun in my mouth.


Go to Demotivational Minds to take this poll

3 thoughts on “Should I keep Demotivational Minds or Not – You Decide!

  1. If other sites are stealing your posters I think you must be doing something right.

    Your older posters were really funny, but the newer posters have gotten a little strange. About one or two of each set are good and the others are just weird.

  2. Do what you do and don’t listen to others. Is this the internet or the 13 colonies?

    note: the 13 colonies were pretty colonic when I think about it, which I don’t. There flag must have been pretty small too.

    But back to the main point. People need this stuff like infomercials and American Idol and stupid cats who want cheeseburger sites and every other thing under the sun on this fine internetmobile.

    note: I think this site needs more controversial topics and more titties and midget porn! As my mother said after the first day of school, “Get dirty and controversial, but don’t get the fuckin’ boo hoos like a little mewling baby! Lead and others will follow you forever, follow and be a pathetic piece of egg and sperm loser human”.

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