Demotivational Posters – Volume #27

It’s been a while since I have created a full version of our award winning demotivational posters. But since the human sacrifice phase of this calendar year is now finished, I find I have a lot more spare time on my hands. So I sat down a whipped up a hot steamy batch of posters. Made with love, sweat, and monkey brains.

I really hope you like them. If you don’t, please let me know why you did not, plus I’d like to know who you are, where you live, your sleep patterns, and the time of the day your most vulnerable.


One thought on “Demotivational Posters – Volume #27

  1. I like this batch of posters! A bit of this a bit of that; something for everybody.
    Hey! Where’s all the nudity? Man-boobs don’t count.

    Is Harry Potter’s head a funny shape or is it just me?

    Vacation photo = yum 🙂

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