Caption Contest – Smell my finger

What I’m looking for is something other than the normal line I use on my kids, “Does this smell like ass to you”?. The really sad thing is, normally it does.

2 thoughts on “Caption Contest – Smell my finger

  1. 1. Take a whiff of what happened to my cuticle in the cubicle.
    2. Is it still finger lickin’ good?
    3. Data showing off his new “smell” chip.
    4. It smells like ass, but with a small sprinkling of oregano.
    5. Yeah baby! This is what “intestinal fortitude” smells like!
    6. So you wanna be a pirate do ya?
    7. I only have one magic finger.
    8. This is my “next to your ring” finger.
    9. Has that cured your plugged nose?
    10. “If you like that, you gonna love my dick!”

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