Atari 2600 Games

One of the many horrors of my summer weekends is the “Garage Sale”. This is where my wife forces me to go look at the crap that other people don’t want, but we might. Normally I’d rather spend the weekend being a prison bitch, than have to watch my wife fight off some 78 year old Mexican woman for a used towel with Elvis on it.

This weekend was no different, until I made a great discovery. Now, some of you children may not remember the Atari 2600 game console, but to an old fart like me, it was a piece of heaven. So imagine my surprise when I found a 2600 console and a shit-load of games being given away by some dumb-ass. So I beat down a 6 year old boy and his grandmother to get me this treasure of the 80’s and brought it home. I was amazed at the good condition of the console and its games. And the titles were unbelievable; just take a look at some of the fun games I will be playing…

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