Tee-Shirt Contest – “AND Gate”

So a co-worker of mine was explaining to me how an “AND Gate” worked. As he was doing this, he also was trying to draw one. Now I’m not sure if it was just me or my co-worker has a fascination with the male member. But once he was finished there was a big fat penis staring at me from the white board in my office.  I told him to take moment and reflect on what he drew. He told me that, that is what an “AND Gate” looks like.

I asked him to show me some other Logic Gates and low and behold I could tell after looking at them, that the guy who came up with these was one horney bastard. There were penises and boobies and god knows what else this perv was thinking of when he came up with these. So I came up with the idea of creating a tee-shirt with these drawings to make a million dollars. To spend on whip cream hookers and Jello shots.

Here are a few designed I have come up with so far, let me know which one you like best. Or come up with one of your own and I’ll share a Jello shot with you. But the Whip cream hookers are all mine.

Oh and if you do not know what an “AND Gate” is… Figure it out for yourself. I and my co-worker are way to busy to come to your house and draw a penis on your white board.

3 thoughts on “Tee-Shirt Contest – “AND Gate”

  1. I don’t get it 😦 What is an And Gate?

    I’m missing out and I don’t know why 😦

    note: I still don’t get that ” Obama demotivational poster” joke about “African Engineering” joke either. Does that mean I’m not racist enough? I feel like a square root fan at a triangle convention 😦

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