Hot Lard’s Top Ten Posts – #2

Number #2

Ervin Shlopnock – I like Beans

Created: August (?), 2007

Hits: 7,672

I have no idea why this is the number two post on HL. It’s not even a post; it is my Bio with a bunch of family photos stuck in. (Of whose family, I do not know).  The whole post is centered around one of those god-awful chain emails that you get from one of your tree hugger friends that thinks answering a bunch a boneheaded random questions will allow others to get a better perspective of ones inner workings. So my Bio is one of those questionnaires that were sent to me by my “Save the Spotted Owl” friend and the answers I sent back to him…. and his friends… and mother… and employees… and customers…and priest. You see I do a “Reply All” with my truthful answers whenever I get one of these. I don’t believe I have received one from him since.

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