Hot Lard Caption Contest – Roar!

Since our last one was so successful, Hot Lard brings you another lovely caption contest.  Prizes?  You get to hang with this guy for the whole day.  Yep, he’s coming to your work.  Or, he’s going to pick up a shovel and join you scooping manure.  Or, he’ll put on a pink skirt and serve open-face beef sandwhiches with ya.  Here ya go!

5 thoughts on “Hot Lard Caption Contest – Roar!

  1. The shit-slinging champion returned for his fifth straight title. Unfortunately his win was tarnished with the discovery of his unsavory distraction methods involving the exposure of genitalia.

  2. and Adam said to Jesus. “curse you, i ask for a weapon and you give me a shovel and bullets! i ask for fire and you give me a lit cigerette. i ask for clothes and you don’t even cover my sack!”

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